Srinagar - Raj Bhavan, 18/05/2024: National Advisor Syed Basharat Moosa Addresses Honorable Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha on Key Initiatives for Gujjar Bakkarwal Community

Srinagar – Raj Bhavan, 18/05/2024: National Advisor Syed Basharat Moosa Addresses Honorable Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha on Key Initiatives for Gujjar Bakkarwal Community

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In a pivotal moment for the Gujjar Bakkarwal (GB) community in Jammu and Kashmir, Syed Basharat Moosa, the National Advisor, addressed Honorable Manoj Sinha, Lieutenant Governor of Jammu and Kashmir, emphasizing the urgent need to address the pressing concerns of the GB community. The speech highlighted the necessity of establishing GB Bhavans, securing land allotments for permanent settlements, and developing IT infrastructure and services tailored to the unique needs of the community.

GB Bhavans: Community Centers for Support and Preservation

Syed Basharat Moosa advocated for the creation of GB Bhavans, which will serve as crucial community centers. These Bhavans will provide essential services such as shelter, healthcare facilities, educational resources, and spaces for cultural preservation. “These centers will offer a safe haven and a sense of belonging to our community members during migrations and beyond,” Moosa emphasized. The GB Bhavans aim to foster community cohesion and support, ensuring that the Gujjar Bakkarwal people have access to vital services and a hub for cultural activities.

Land Allotment: Securing Permanent Settlements

Highlighting the importance of land security, Moosa urged for the allocation of land parcels to GB community members. “Securing land for our community is essential for establishing permanent settlements and ensuring the security of tenure,” he stated. This initiative will enable the community to build homes, cultivate lands, and create sustainable livelihoods for future generations. Land allotment is seen as a foundational step towards stability and economic development for the GB community.

IT Infrastructure and Services: Bridging the Digital Divide

Emphasizing the role of technology in modern development, Moosa called for the prioritization of IT infrastructure development tailored to the GB community. This includes the creation of websites, mobile applications, and robust data security measures. “Embracing technology is crucial in empowering our community and bridging the digital divide,” he noted. Enhanced IT infrastructure will improve communication, access to information, and community engagement, thereby empowering the GB community to integrate more effectively into the digital age.

Promoting Entrepreneurship and Startups

Moosa also highlighted the importance of fostering entrepreneurship and supporting startups within the GB community. By encouraging innovation and business development, the community can create new economic opportunities and drive self-sufficiency. This approach aims to harness the entrepreneurial spirit of the GB people, providing them with the tools and resources needed to succeed in various industries.

A Call for Unity and Advocacy

Concluding his address, Syed Basharat Moosa called for unity and collective effort in advocating for these initiatives. “By championing these projects, we can pave the way for a brighter and more prosperous future for the GB community in Jammu and Kashmir,” he asserted. He was joined by Choudhary Farooq Ah Bajad and Mohammad Iqbal in his appeal, underscoring the widespread support for these crucial initiatives within the community.

The meeting at Raj Bhavan marks a significant step in the journey towards addressing the needs and aspirations of the Gujjar Bakkarwal community. With a clear vision and a united effort, these initiatives hold the potential to transform the lives of the GB people, fostering development, peace, and prosperity in Jammu and Kashmir.

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